During the summer, most people spend more time having fun outdoors. Grilling, swimming, and hanging out on the deck are some favorite summer activities. However, all of these pastimes come with a safety risk. Check out these summer safety tips for the home so that you can enjoy your summer without any accidents.

Pool Summer Safety Tips

If you have a home pool, there are precautions you should take to make it safer for your family and guests. One of the most important components for pool safety is enclosing it with a proper fence. A fence with a locking gate will keep unsupervised children from accessing the pool. Another critical summer safety tip is to teach your kids to swim, whether you have a home pool or not.

Deck Safety

You might be eating dinner on your deck most evenings in summer. Summer safety tips for the home include making sure the deck is a safe place to spend time. If boards or supports are rotting, fasteners are loose, and railings are wobbly, people can get injured on the deck.

Inspect your deck and look for damage, wear and tear, and splinters. Replace materials that are beyond repair and refinish surfaces that are splintering by sanding and sealing. Make sure the deck stairs and railings are secure.

Grill Safety

Grilling in the summer is a great idea because it keeps cooking heat out of your home. Unfortunately, grill accidents and injuries are most common in the summer. Follow grilling summer safety tips like keeping kids and pets away from the grill, keeping the grill clean, and positioning the grill in a safe place away from anything else.

Summer Safety Tips for Fireworks

People love setting off fireworks on the fourth of July and throughout the summer, but this can be a very dangerous activity. Even seemingly harmless sparklers can cause burns. Closely supervise children when using sparklers and never let kids play with fireworks. It is safest to watch a community fireworks display presented by professionals.

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