Summer is coming and you will probably be spending more time outdoors with your family. Make your backyard deck a favorite place to spend time with a few improvements. Take a look at some easy ways to update your deck.

Paint the Deck

If your deck is small or feels like it doesn’t really belong on the property, paint it to complement the color of the house. This task will make the deck seem more like an extension of your home and will help it fit with the environment. Painting or staining and sealing the deck also helps protect it from the elements. You will want to sand away rough areas first.

Update Your Deck With Cozy Furniture

To entice family members to spend more time outside, add comfortable furniture to your deck. Choose pieces that feel inviting and welcoming. Add an outdoor rug, cushions, and throw pillows to make the deck feel like an outdoor living room.

Use Plants to Decorate

When the weather warms up, many of your houseplants can gradually be moved outdoors. Use green foliage and colorful flowers to brighten the deck. Add hanging baskets, planter boxes, or pots around the area. Choose lightweight resin pots for plants that you will be moving indoors at the end of the season. If you have young children or pets, research the greenery to make sure you choose non-toxic plants.

Create Privacy to Update Your Deck

You can create a backyard oasis by making the deck more private. A long term solution is to plant trees as a border along one side. Other options include building a wall on one edge of the deck, hanging curtains, or installing a lattice for plants to grow on.

Install Lighting

Lighting makes your deck more appealing after dark. Post lights are easy to install and will illuminate the perimeter. String lights are available in a variety of colors and designs and add a festive touch. Use citronella candles or torches to help repel mosquitoes. Install recessed lighting in the stairs to make the deck safer.

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