When it comes to homeownership, paying attention to the property is essential to detect problems. Spotting structural concerns can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for, but with a bit of knowledge, you can find issues before they become hazardous. Here are a few signs of structural problems in a home.

Cracks in Walls and Ceilings are Signs of Structural Problems

One of the most obvious signs of structural damage is cracks that develop in walls or ceilings. These may be caused by a settling foundation or the expansion of materials – like wood and drywall – as seasons change. If you see cracks that have grown wider over time, further investigation is needed, as a foundation issue could be to blame.

Misaligned Doors and Windows

Another sign of structural concerns is misaligned doors or windows. Doors and windows that are difficult to close could indicate your house has shifted due to settling. This type of issue is important to address right away before it worsens. If you notice a door becoming hard to open or close, check the hinges to verify they are securely attached. If the hinges are in good condition, a poorly fitting door could indicate the door frame has shifted because of structural problems.

Signs of Structural Problems: Uneven Floors

Uneven floors can indicate structural issues occurring in your home. Warped, sloping, or bowed flooring might occur due to a shifting foundation or because the floor joists are cracked, rotting, or warping, becoming weak over time. If you notice changes in how level your floors are, this could be a sign of underlying issues with your home’s structure. Hire a professional to inspect the floors and joists and determine the best solution.

Chimney Pulling Away from the House

Chimneys provide ventilation for a home with fireplaces. But the chimney can also indicate a problem if it pulls away from the house. Brickwork that separates from the building may be a sign of a structural issue and should be addressed immediately by an experienced professional.

A chimney separates due to erosion or structural instability in your home’s foundation. You may also notice cracks in the mortar or bricks. A chimney that is pulling away can lead to further problems like water damage in the house, or it could collapse if not taken care of right away.

While a homeowner may learn to spot these issues, addressing them is best left to a professional who knows how to repair structural concerns without causing further damage to your house. Don’t delay; once structural problems appear, they need to be addressed quickly by an experienced contractor.

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