Water damage in the home is one of a homeowner’s biggest concerns. Causes include heavy storms, plumbing malfunctions, and flaws with the property. Here are 6 places that water damage in the home is more likely to occur.


A leaky roof is one of the common culprits for water damage. The roof can have a slow leak where water seeps in through tiny cracks or it may experience sudden damage during a storm. Water damage in the attic can go unnoticed for some time if people don’t frequently go in there. A roof leak may not be noticeable from the outside of the home either.

Look out for missing shingles and loose flashing, both of which can cause roof leaks. Go inside the attic periodically and pay attention to moldy odors and water stains. If water damage goes on for too long in the attic, it will start to affect ceilings, structural materials, and walls.

Basement or Crawlspace

Water damage can originate at the top of a house or the bottom. When grading and drainage have not been properly managed, rainwater flows towards the foundation instead of away. The smallest cracks in a foundation can allow water inside, which can cause flooding during a heavy storm. To prevent ground-level water intruision, repair grading problems and seal up the foundation to make it waterproof.

Leaking Windows Cause Water Damage in the Home

Windows may have gaps and cracks that let water through. During severe storms, the wind can blow rain sideways and in through the windows. You may experience water damage on your walls and floors due to windows that aren’t airtight. Storm window panes may help this problem, but if the window is too old or was installed incorrectly, it will need to be replaced.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters seem like a simple problem with an easy fix, but they can cause major damage if left unattended. Overflowing gutters can cause drainage problems like pushing water back up onto the roof, allowing water to run down the siding, and funneling water towards your home and foundation. Keep your gutters clean and install gutter guards to prevent gutter-related water damage.


People use water in the bathroom more than anywhere else, so it makes sense that water damage can originate there. There are many plumbing fixtures that have the potential to malfunction and leak. The wax seal on the toilet can fail or plumbing lines behind the sink or shower may develop leaks. Even spilled water out of the bathtub can cause water damage to the floor if it isn’t quickly wiped up.

Hidden Places Water Damage in the Home Can Occur

Water damage can be difficult to find, especially when it occurs in a hidden place. Leaking pipes behind walls and leaks behind or underneath appliances are some examples of where this can happen. Pay attention to unexpected increases in your water bill, because this is often the first sign of a hidden water leak.

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