Power tools assist in home improvement tasks, helping you complete a job quickly and easily. However, using power tools is not without risk. Take proper precautions when using tools for your DIY projects. Here are seven power tool safety tips to help prevent accidents and injuries.

Use Safety Gear When Working with a Power Tool

It’s essential to use protective gear when using power tools. Wear safety glasses and sturdy work gloves to protect your hands and eyes from debris. Goggles, a face shield, ear protection, and a hard hat should be used whenever necessary.

Secure the Workpiece

Before using any power tool, secure the material you are working with to prevent it from slipping or moving unexpectedly during the task. Before beginning, use clamps or a vise to firmly attach it to your workbench.

Power Tool Safety Tips: Read the Owner’s Manual

Power tools are sold with an owner’s manual that explains their proper use and safety precautions. Read the manual carefully before using the device to familiarize yourself with its features, safe operation, and potential hazards.

Check for Damage

Before turning on a tool, always check for any signs of damage. Look for frayed cords, loose connections, and visible signs of wear and tear that could make the tool unsafe.

Keep Children Away

Keep children, pets, and other bystanders away from the work area when you’re using power tools. They can be dangerous if mishandled, so it’s important to keep tools out of reach.

Clean the Work Area

A cluttered workspace is a recipe for disaster when working with power tools. Keep power cords safely managed. Sweep and dust to remove woodchips, sawdust, and other materials that create an unsafe working environment. To avoid trips and falls, clean up after each job and organize your tools neatly.

Proper Maintenance is Necessary for Power Tool Safety

Regular maintenance is essential for power tool safety. Clean your tools after every use and store them in a dry, cool place. Always check for worn or damaged parts before using the device, and make repairs before beginning a project.

Following these tips makes you better prepared for working with power tools. When starting a project, ensure you’re well-rested, alert, and familiar with the tools necessary to complete the work.

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