Whether you occasionally tackle DIY projects or prefer to let the experts handle them, there are a few must-have tools in which every homeowner should invest. Owning a home makes you responsible for the property, including maintenance and repairs. While not all projects are enjoyable, some personalize your space or keep components functioning well. Whether you need to repair a dripping faucet, install a new light fixture, restore shelves, or hang family pictures, here are tools that will come in handy.

Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

While you can invest in a wide range of tools, here are seven of the most useful ones.

1. Hammer

While it seems obvious, a hammer is a versatile tool you’ll use to install nails, take out a wall, or remove nails. A hammer comes in handy for both construction and demolition. It is a multifunctional tool and essential in every toolbox.

2. Tape Measure

You’ll need a tape measure when you want to take room measurements to order new carpet or to see if a new coffee table will fit in the living room. Measure lengths, heights, and widths using your tape measure so you can record specific dimensions of a space.

3. Adjustable Wrench

When a fastener becomes loose or a plumbing pipe begins leaking, a wrench makes it easier to tighten the bolts. An adjustable wrench will be handy as it can handle nuts and bolts of different sizes.

4. Utility Knife

A utility knife is one of the most underrated, yet helpful, must-have tools. You probably have blades in the kitchen drawer, so why purchase a utility knife? This type of knife is a small, easy-to-use tool that cuts rubber, plastic, thin wood, and packaging boxes. It is also useful when trimming carpet to fit a room and cutting sheets of plastic to protect the floors while painting.

5. Pliers are Must-Have Tools

Pliers will come in handy when you need a tight grip for loosening bolts or tightening nuts. Pliers are also helpful in bending, stripping, cutting, and shaping metal and wires.

6. LED Flashlight

The light fixtures around your home may not provide enough light to make repairs in dark areas, like behind the washing machine or under the kitchen sink. A flashlight enables you to work in dimly lit spaces and is helpful when the power is out. Unlike a standard flashlight, LED flashlights are more energy efficient, brighter, more durable, and eco-friendly.

7. Purchase a Tool Box for Your Must-Have Tools

After buying your tools, store them together in an organized place. A toolbox offers space to keep everything nearby. It has separate compartments to house various tools and fasteners.

Owning a home means there will always be odd jobs to do. However, you don’t always have to call a carpenter or plumber. The above tools make you ready for emergency repairs or basic home maintenance.

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