The Best Plants for a Household with Pets

Indoor plants improve your quality of life in many ways. Not only do they add aesthetic value to a room, but they also provide fresh oxygen and help purify the air. If you have pets, it’s important to choose plants that are non-toxic and safe for them to be around. Here are five pet-friendly indoor plants.

Spider Plant

Also known as spider ivy, an airplane plant, or ribbon plant, a spider plant is one of the pet-friendly indoor plants. The spider plant is well suited to hanging high, so it’s more difficult for pets to access.

Spider plants are a great choice for anyone as they are simple to grow, readily reproduce, and are non-toxic to both cats and dogs. It’s a hardy perennial that thrives in bright, indirect light and can tolerate a little bit of neglect.

Boston Fern

This non-toxic, air-purifying plant will have everyone in the house breathing easier. Keep the soil moist for best results. In dry climates and seasons, occasionally mist your plant with a spray bottle to keep the leaves hydrated.

All your effort to maintain this plant is worth it, as Boston ferns help improve indoor air quality by absorbing toxins, airborne contaminants, and chemical pollutants.

Bromeliad is One of the Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

The bromeliad has one of the most unusual appearances of all house plants. It resembles a poisonous plant you may encounter in a jungle somewhere, but the plant is entirely safe for your pets and requires minimal maintenance.

With the right conditions, bromeliads thrive without much attention, making them ideal for most people. It has a beautiful bloom and will brighten any space it’s put in.

Christmas Cactus

Native to the rainforests of Argentina and Brazil, the Christmas cactus is a succulent that blooms in shades of pink, red, and white between the months of September and February. They’re very low-maintenance and only need water when the soil feels dry to the touch. This type of plant should have plenty of indirect light.

These succulents are a beautiful addition to any home with their ability to bloom in winter. Christmas cactuses are non-toxic and easily propagated. Cuttings are easy to root so you can have one in every room.

African Violet is Another one of the Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Easy to care for and prized for their vibrant blossoms, African violets make great pet-friendly indoor plants. They come in a variety of shades, such as lavender, blue, pink, red, and even white. They require bright, indirect light and should be watered enough to keep the soil moist but take care not to overwater them. African violets are generally low-maintenance and perfect for adding some color to a room.

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