If you have an office space in your home, you know how quickly it can become cluttered. Papers, books, pens, notepads, and other miscellaneous items accumulate on your desk. Use these solutions to organize your home office.

Get a File Box to Organize Your Home Office

You probably receive a lot of mail that you shred and recycle, but there are some documents you should keep for your records. Instead of letting them stack up on your desk, purchase a small file box with folders. Label the folders and file away mail and documents that you want to keep. Folders can be labeled things like “taxes”, “medical”, and “school”. This solution will keep stacks of papers from cluttering up your home office. If you have a scanner, you can store documents electronically to save space in your office.

Store Small Items in Containers

Little things like paperclips, post-it notes, and tacks will quickly turn any drawer into a cluttered mess if they are kept loose. Use compartments or small containers to keep these items separate. You can find drawer organizers or small boxes that fit inside drawers. By compartmentalizing small office supplies, your desk drawers will stay tidy and neat.

Use Wall Space to Organize Your Home Office

A large calendar on the wall of your home office makes it easy to remember appointments and meetings that you have scheduled. You can also install a pegboard that can be used for hanging and storing all sorts of items, keeping them off your desk and out of drawers. Add shelves for keeping books, notepads, and even a houseplant.

Only Keep What You Need on Your Desk

Think about what you use for work every day. It may just be your computer. If this is the case, the monitor, mouse, and keyboard should be the only things on your desk. Don’t let things take up space on your desk that you only use occasionally. Other things can be filed away, hung on a pegboard, or neatly placed inside desk drawers.

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