Moving can be stressful and overwhelming, but you can simplify the process. Here are some of the best moving tips and tricks to help make your move as smooth as possible. Make moving easier for all involved when you’re well-organized and efficient.

Plan and Pack Ahead of Time to Make Moving Easier

Packing your house will take longer than you expect, so get started weeks ahead of the move. Begin with items you don’t use often, such as seasonal clothing or infrequently used kitchen equipment. Spend time packing a bit every day, so when the time comes to load the truck, you’ll be ready and the process will go quickly.

Carry the Essentials Separately

Set aside items you use daily the night before your move, like your toothbrush, medications, etc. Pack these in a transparent container and keep them separated from everything else. This will prevent you from having to search through boxes to find things you need after a long day of moving.

Make Moving Easier by Labeling Each Box

To keep track of every box in your new house and make it clear what’s inside your moving boxes, label each one. Some use written labels while others use a color-coding system. Color-coding is especially helpful when you have a large family.

When you move into your new house, unpack by room to make it less daunting. Label the sides of the boxes rather than just the tops. This way, even if they’re stacked, you’ll be able to easily find the items you’re looking for.

Declutter Your Home Before Packing

To move as efficiently as possible, make sure you aren’t moving anything you don’t need. Decluttering before packing will reduce your workload. Based on your new home’s space and square footage, determine what to throw away, keep, sell, and give away.

Reuse Old Boxes for Electronics and Appliances

The majority of electrical goods and small appliances are delivered in cardboard boxes. If you still have these boxes, use them to re-pack your appliances for the move. This will guarantee your things fit safely in the box and will help you save money on packaging materials.

Book Moving Services Early

Book ahead of time if you’re hiring movers, renting a truck, or having professionals like painters or cleaners work on your house. If you wait till the last minute, you’ll almost certainly pay a higher price and may be unable to get a truck or mover at all, especially if it’s peak moving season. The most cost-effective time to move is mid-week. Get quotes from at least three moving companies to compare costs and services.

Use the Correct Size Boxes to Make Moving Easier

To make things simpler for movers when loading the truck, pack correctly. Don’t overload a large box with heavy items. Try to make box sizes and weights manageable. Packing boxes into a vehicle should be simple. To prevent breakables from being damaged, place heavier items on the bottom and less valuable ones on the top and wrap your fragile items well.

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