When building a new home, you expect the house to be built well and to high standards. You chose a builder with a great reputation and are excited to move into your new home. Hiring a home inspector may not be a top priority because you don’t expect issues with the new build, but there are important reasons to order an inspection on new construction.

Order an Inspection on New Construction to Have Repairs Made Before Move-In

When you purchase a newly built home, you expect it to be in great condition because your family is the first to live there. The flooring, appliances, paint, and fixtures are brand new.

Order an inspection to gain knowledge about the actual condition of the property. Any defects or problems found before your final walkthrough can be handled by the builder before you move in.

Save Money with an Inspection on New Construction

By having the builder make repairs, you’ll save money over time. Whether your inspector finds drainage problems, poorly installed plumbing pipes, or damaged shingles, you’ll be able to have repairs made on the builder’s dime.

Some issues may seem minor at first but could grow to require costly repairs. Grading and drainage problems lead to water pooling in the lawn or near the house. Over time, too much moisture can cause foundation issues, mildew and mold growth, and creates an environment conducive to mosquitoes and pest infestation. Have the builder make repairs now and save money down the road.

Prepare for the Future Sale of the Home

You’re preparing to move into a new home and probably not planning to list it for sale for years to come. However, having an inspection on new construction will help you prepare for a sale in the future.

You may have to relocate for a job or you might buy a new home to accommodate a growing family. When the time comes to sell, your buyer will order an inspection. Any defects found will be your responsibility at that time, even problems dating back to the original construction. Order a home inspection now so that your builder is responsible for fixing any problems.

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