You have been saving up for a down payment to purchase a home and have been pre-approved for a mortgage. The next logical step is to hire a real estate agent. You may be wondering if it is necessary to work with an agent when buying a property. This article explains the benefits of having an agent on your side.

Hire a Real Estate Agent for Better Access to Homes for Sale

One of the first things your buyer’s agent will ask you is what you need and what you want in your new home. You may need at least 3 bedrooms and you may want a garage. Your agent will present properties to you that reflect your list of needs and wants. Real estate agents often know about houses for sale before they are listed online. You will have an advantage over other buyers when you hear about these properties first.

Help with Scheduling Showings

Scheduling tours of houses is a lot of work. Ideally, you will visit several houses in the same area in one afternoon. When you hire a real estate agent, you have someone to do the coordinating for you. It’s difficult to make calls to seller’s agents and set up appointments when you are at work all day, so it is helpful to have an agent who can schedule showings for you.

The Seller Pays Your Agent’s Commission

Some home buyers think they are saving money by not hiring a real estate agent. Technically, the commission for the buyer’s real estate agent comes from the seller’s fees, so it doesn’t cost you as a buyer. This little known fact is another great reason to hire a real estate agent when buying a home.

Guidance With Paperwork

Real estate paperwork is lengthy and complicated. One small mistake can cause hold-ups or may even have legal consequences. Make sure you are filling out the transaction paperwork correctly by getting help from your real estate agent. You will save yourself the anxiety of worrying that you are making errors and will have confidence in the process.

Hire a Real Estate Agent for Successful Negotiations

Real estate negotiations are a touchy subject. Ask for too many provisions and you risk offending the seller and making it difficult to close the deal. If you accept a serious problem as-is, you could be placing an expensive burden on yourself. Real estate agents know how to negotiate appropriately. Leave the negotiations to your agent. You can trust that they are working in your best interest because they are legally obligated to do so.

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