Whether you’re planning to list your home for sale or you intend to live in the house for years to come, choose projects that add value to the home. Upgrades and renovations are part of homeownership. However, when it comes to a good return on your investment, some updates are better than others. Here are a few ideas for projects that boost your property value.

Boost Energy-Efficiency to Add Value to Your Home

Energy-efficient homes are appealing to buyers because of lower power bills. It won’t cost as much to heat and cool the home. To improve energy efficiency, add more insulation to the attic. Over time, attic insulation can shift or sustain damage from moisture or pests. Boosting the insulation will make your HVAC system’s job easier.

Improve Curb Appeal

Improve curb appeal to make your home more attractive to visitors and potential buyers. Paint the front door, keep the lawn neat and tidy, pressure wash the siding, and add flowers to the garden beds. An attractive and well-kept property is more appealing to buyers.

Purchase New Appliances

New appliances make a home more attractive when it’s on the market. Having a brand new stove, refrigerator, and laundry machines is a bonus for potential buyers because they won’t have to worry about appliance replacement anytime soon.

Another bonus is that newer appliances are more energy-efficient and will save you money on your electric bills. Every year the technology improves and machines function more and more efficiently.

Remodel the Kitchen to Boost Your Property Value

A fully remodeled kitchen will boost the value of your property and make your home more desirable. Especially when compared to similar homes on the market, a house with a recent kitchen update will be more appealing.

If you can’t afford an entire kitchen renovation, make smaller updates. Install new flooring, paint the cabinets, and add new hardware to the cabinet doors and drawers. Even a fresh coat of paint on the walls gives the kitchen a fresh and new look.

Build a Backyard Deck

Creating an outdoor living space makes any property more attractive and welcoming. If you don’t have a deck, build one. This project adds usable square footage to the exterior of your home. Add comfortable patio furniture and add shade to your deck by installing an awning or planting fast-growing shade trees.

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