Creating a boundary around your yard is a great way to create privacy and a safe space for kids and pets to play. When you want to add a fence to your yard, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. The following guide provides a few tips on things to consider when choosing to add a fence to your yard.

1. Determine Where You Want to Add a Fence to Your Yard

The first thing to do is decide which areas of your yard you want to enclose. Some people choose to fence their entire yard while others choose to fence just their backyard because they don’t like the way fencing looks in front of their home. The cost to have your yard fenced will vary based on the area you want to enclose and the materials used.

2. What Material You Want to Use for the Fence

Before you can add a fence to your yard, choose what type of material you want to use. You can have chain link, wood, wrought iron, metal, wire, composite materials, or a combination of these for your fence.

The chain link and composite options have less upkeep, whereas wooden fences require more maintenance. Chain link is the most affordable but least attractive option, so it works well for a backyard fence for dogs. Wood or composite materials work well for a privacy fence.

3. How Tall You Want the Fence to Be

Finally, determine the height the fence needs to be to perform its function. Neighbors and people passing by won’t be able to easily look over the fence when they are standing next to it. If you choose a chain link fence to contain your dogs, consider how high your dogs can jump. If there is no reason to have a tall fence built, keep in mind that a shorter fence will use fewer materials and cost less.

4. Check with Regulations

Some municipalities and homeowners associations have rules about what kind of fence you are allowed to install on your property and where it is placed. Check with your zoning office or HOA before installing a fence to make sure you are in compliance with any regulations.

5. Communicate With Your Neighbors About Adding a Fence to Your Yard

If the fence is going to be bordering a neighbor’s property, it is considerate to let them know about your plans. They may even be willing to chip in if they get some say on the style and materials of the fence. For example, if you are planning on a chain link fence and they would like something more aesthetically pleasing, it might be important enough to them to help pay for the upgrade.

It’s best to have professionals install the fence for you. As with any home service, it’s a good idea to get three estimates from fencing companies before you make a decision.

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